The Japanese Sake Shop “坐kura” has had its Grand Opening on 8/4!

Shinshu Yaehara’s First Sake Specialty Store “坐kura” Finally Grand Opening!

Introducing “坐kura,” a shop that handles Japanese sake brewed with rice sourced from the rich microclimate of Shinshu Yaehara. We are thrilled to announce that we had our grand opening on August 4th.

On our opening day, we were delighted to welcome many local residents! We received heartwarming words of praise beyond our imagination, such as, “I’m so happy to see such a wonderful space in Yaehara,” “It’s truly a blessing to have a shop selling such delicious sake within walking distance,” “An extraordinary space suddenly appeared in Yaehara! I never thought we’d have a shop like this here,” and “I came to buy an original sake as my father insisted on it.” We are deeply grateful for your kind words, and they motivate us even more.

The sake we offer is born from the wisdom and skills of traditional brewing techniques that have been faithfully upheld, as well as the strong trust built over 350 years with local farmers. The bountiful flavors are a true expression of Yaehara’s terroir. At “坐kura,” you can experience these rich flavors while embracing the charm of our region’s abundant nature. We look forward to serving not only sake enthusiasts but also the local community, and we are truly excited for the days ahead.

For detailed information about “坐kura,” please stay tuned to our website journal and social media updates. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

With the pride of Shinshu Yaehara in our hearts, let’s embark on a journey of Japanese sake together. The entire “坐kura” team is eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to our store.