Exclusive Japanese Sake AMATSUCHI
Sake brewed in Yaehara,
a region blessed by the gods of agriculture.

The concept of 天土 AMATSUCHI

  • 天‥AMA For the vintage, the place where gods live, time and history, and the sun
  • 土‥TSUCHI For the terroir, nature, climate, and the earth

AMATSUCHI was formed from these ideas:
“We want to make a unique Japanese Sake which allows us rice farmers to rediscover the essence of sake and express the sake’s terroir.”
“We are sure we can make the best Japanese sake if we use Nagano’s best sake rice and Nagano’s best sake brewery.”

One wonderful aspect of Japanese culture is washoku – traditional Japanese cuisine. The foundation of washoku is rice, and Japanese sake is made from this staple. Both rice and Japanese sake have a long history in traditional Japanese cuisine.


AMATSUCHI is made from the unique Nagano Kinmon Nishiki sake rice.
This rice thrives in Nagano’s mountainous climate.

The long respect and deep collaboration between Taiyo To Daichi, who produces the rice, and Daishinsyu Shuzo, who brews the sake, form the foundation of our unique AMATSUCHI.

Only the rice farmer knows the details about the terroir of AMATSUCHI. The essence of AMATSUCHI is elegance. From the first sip, a refined and floral apple flavor spreads throughout the mouth.You can also feel the grace and refinement, the long history of the rice and vintage, and the terroir – the climate in which this top-quality rice and sake was produced.

“We strongly hope to make Japanese sake for those who have tasted and enjoyed both the bitterness and sweetness of life. It would also be our greatest pleasure to have our sake be selected as a special gift for such people.”

We, the rice farmer, pledge to pursue the ideal of how growing rice should be, what making sake should aim for, and bring the essence of Japanese Sake to the world.

We express our gratitude to nature, the sun, and the earth. We are proud to continue growing rice, an important part of traditional Japanese culture, and carry this tradition into the coming age to enrich society.
-From Taiyo To Daichi Inc. Web site –
(Taiyo (太陽) means “sun.” Daichi (大地) means “earth” or “land”.)

Making Japanese sake has infinite possibilities depending on both nature and the human producers.
We put a lot of time and effort into making sake to seek this unlimited potential.
-From Daishinsyu Shuzo Co.Ltd. Web site -
(Dai() means “big”. Shinsyu(信州) is the old name for Nagano prefecture. Shuzo(酒造) means “brewery.”)


AMATSUCHI has two terroirs.
One is Yaehara and the other is Matsumoto, both in Nagano.

Yaehara Terroir
Land loved by the gods of agriculture

Yaehara, which is a plateau about 600-800 meters (2000-2600 feet) above sea level, is located east of Nagano prefecture, with Mt. Asama to the east and Mt. Tateshina to the west.
It has a high number of clear days and long daylight hours - over 2,000 hours – with a large temperature difference between day and night (the average temperature difference over 11°C/52°F). In addition, the humidity is low throughout the year, and this helps prevent insects and other pests.
The scenery in Yaehara is a vast flatland and large open sky. Yaehara has the full blessings of nature, and it’s said to be land that is loved by the agricultural gods.

The soil is a clay which contains a lot of fertilizers, essential nutrients, and minerals for growing high-quality rice. To make the rice even better, additional organic fertilizer is added.
Roof tiles used for the Shinano Kokubunji-temple built at the beginning of Heian period (about 1,200 years ago) were made from the clay soil of Yaehara. It’s said that the soil that produces high quality roof tiles can also be flooded for excellent rice. It’s easy to imagine that soil in Yaehara suits rice farming.

Surprisingly, for a long time the area was not able to cultivate rice because there were no nearby water sources, however, an agricultural water channel for rice farming called Yaehara-yosui was made in Edo period (almost 350 years ago). It was about 55 kilometers (35 miles) long from headwater in Mt. Tateshina and took about 9 years to complete with an incredible amount of manual labor from our ancestors. The spring water warms up as it flows through the Yaehara-Yosui and reaches rice fields full of important minerals.

Matsumoto Terroir
Land loved by the gods of agriculture

Matsumoto, a city located roughly in the center of Nagano prefecture, is overlooked by 3,000-meter-high (9800-foot-high) mountains, including the Northern Alps.
Matsumoto has a central highland climate, which means fine weather and low humidity throughout the year.
The temperature difference between day and night is large, with a larger difference in winter due to radiational cooling.

The Northern Alps is a continuous mountain range with many peaks above 3,000 meters (9800 feet).
Some rivers originate in these mountains and spread out in a geographic phenomenon called a compound alluvial fan.
The mountain spring water emerges in several places around Matsumoto.

The altitude is about 700 meters (2300 feet) high.
It is good for soil drainage, which is a mix of gravel and clay soils.



[Jyunmai Daiginjyo-shu]

The vertical-falling, unfiltered method of producing sake
Undiluted Sake is put into bags and then naturally squeezed by the bags without pressure and without filtering.
Using home-made yeast
Sake rice : Rice brand Kinmon Nishiki 100% made in Yaehara
Milled rice ratio : 38% Koji and 40% mash
Alc. : 16%
Volume : 720ml
Sake brewery owner : Daishinsyu Inc.

Features: It has an elegant and floral apple aroma. It is mellow, fruity, rich, sweet but light, with a smooth and elegant taste.

¥16,500- (tax inc)


Kura is a renovated traditional Japanese storehouse whose walls were covered with thick plaster.
It is a special place where you can see and feel something old and new - its long history and our thanks to our ancestors, and our continuous march towards the future.

You can enjoy tasting AMATSUCHI and some aperitifs using seasonal local ingredients.
You can also taste other Japanese Sake made from sake rice grown in Yaehara.


Our shop is a complete reservation system.

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